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NITRA™ Pneumatic Solenoid Air Valves- AVP Series

New! ...NITRA AVP Series 3-Port, 2-Position, Body Ported / Stacking Solenoid Air Valves
NITRA™ pneumatic AVP series air solenoid valves are 3-way stackable poppet style valves with 1/8" NPT ports.
These air valve solenoids are also referred to as: 3/2 valves, 3 way air solenoids, 3 way air valves, 3-way pneumatic valves.
  • 3-way stackable poppet style air valves
  • 1/8" NPT ports
  • 2-position, normally closed, spring return
  • 24 VDC or 120 VAC air solenoid coils

NITRA AVP Series 3-Port, 2-Position air solenoid valve prices start at $Call

Additional Features
  • Can be used in individual pneumatic solenoid valve applications

  • Multiple air solenoid valves can be field assembled (stacked) to share air line supply, simplifying piping connections>

  • DIN style wiring connector with LED indication of air solenoid coil status

  • 2 year warranty

  • AVP-31BKT - Mounting bracket for AVP Series pneumatic air valves
  • AVP-31KIT - Stacking screw kit for AVP Series pneumatic air valves

NITRA Air Solenoid Valve - AVP Series Overview

NITRA AVP Series Solenoid Control Valves

NITRA AVP Series Solenoid Control Valves - Stacked
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